We exist to provide a secure environment to receive Christ-centered Bible teaching, ministry, counseling, fellowship and fun so that the Lord can bring restoration to the spirit, soul, and body of today’s woman.




Sonflower Ministries focuses on providing life-changing retreats for women of all ages, races, and socio-economic backgrounds. Women come from board rooms or back alleys. Many women come from local communities, neighborhood churches or from distant states and even foreign countries.



At these spiritual retreats, many women come searching for an answer. The only answer to grief, loss, sorrow, loneliness or feelings of hopelessness is Jesus Christ! 


 From spring 2012 to fall 2017 these 12 retreats have resulted in more than 350 decisions for Christ.


At these retreats many prayed for release of the pain of past hurts, and several prayed for healing from having a barren womb, or having lost a child to death or to the court system. When a woman accepts Jesus Christ as her personal Savior, it not only positively impacts her life, but the life of her children, grandchildren, place of employment or community in which she lives. 



Whether a woman is a busy carpooling mom or a carefree senior citizen, these retreats minister to the body, soul and spirit of today’s woman! Many women leave saying… “I never felt so loved or accepted in my life!” “A weekend away was just what I needed to refresh and refocus my spiritual priorities!” “I have been to many retreats in my life, but never one that was life-changing!”


 Sonflower Ministries (SFM) is now 23 years old. It was founded by Mary Lucy & Pastor J. Rea Holliday in 1994 and has held 48 women’s retreats, 6 teen girl's retreats, 7 conferences, and 6 summer camps. It continues its ongoing ministry outreach events of Bible studies, workshops and mentoring programs. It offers individual and family counseling.


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